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Who is eWON?

eWON is the leader in remote connectivity for industrial automation. Headquartered in Belgium with additional offices in the United States and Japan, eWON has provided Machine Builders and System Integrators with secure and easy remote access to their machines for over 10 years.

How does an eWON work?

eWON industrial routers (DIN rail mounted, 24VDC) are built to fit within the automation panel and can communicate with both Ethernet and serial devices. The eWON device make an outbound connection via UDP or HTTPS to our cloud based VPN servers (Talk2M). Using our VPN client eCatcher, authorized users are able to login to their FREE Talk2M account and connect to their eWON device anywhere in the world. The Talk2M server acts as a secure broker and completes the encrypted VPN tunnel between the remote user and the equipment connected to the eWON.


eWON Cosy 131

The eWON COSY product line (COmmunication made eaSY) is growing! With COSY Ethernet Remote Access, Machine Builders and System Integrators are very successful establishing VPN remote access to troubleshoot their machines remotely (PLC, HMI, Drive). The firewall friendly connections (outbound over https) of the eWON solution and enhanced security layers allow for a broad acceptance by IT departments keeping their current security policies intact.

The New Generation Cosy131 is now available with 3 additional models:

  • Greater Connectivity options (LAN, Wifi, Cellular)
  • Easy configuration and deployment in 15 minutes
  • A price point to be on each panel

With a straight forward configuration and a clean Remote Access solution, OEMs benefit from great savings on travel and warranty costs for each machine. In 2014 alone, eWON's customers have enjoyed over 1 Million connections to their equipment using eWON's Talk2M Free+ VPN Service.

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Easy PLC Remote Access through Cosy 131 by eWON


eWON Flexy

The versatile Ethernet gateway for your industrial monitoring projects.

The eWON Flexy is a modular data gateway designed for OEMs and system integrators looking for a full remote monitoring solution. The modularity and swapping of connectivity cards (LAN, Wifi, Cellular,..) is very powerful to be able to adapt to technologies available for current and future deployments. With ready to use data services including all major PLC’s I/O servers, data logging, web HMI and scripting, the Flexy201 is very versatile to monitor any industrial equipment. In addition, with the combination of secure remote access and standard APIs for 3rd party integration, the eWON’s Flexy201 is a perfect Ethernet gateway for your flexible, reliable and scalable data collection project.

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