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Providing innovative solutions for over 55 years.

Panduit was born from innovation. In 1955 we launched our first product, Panduct Wiring Duct, a new invention that uniquely organized control panel wiring and allowed new wires to be added quickly and neatly. Since that time Panduit has introduced thousands of problem solving new products and remained committed to providing innovative electrical and network infrastructure solutions.

Today, customers look to Panduit as a trusted advisor who works with them to address their most critical business challenges within their Data Center, Enterprise, and Industrial environments. Our proven reputation for quality and technology leadership coupled with a robust ecosystem of partners across the world enables Panduit to deliver comprehensive solutions that unify the physical infrastructure to help our customers achieve operational and financial goals.

Zone Architecture Systems

Optimize Industrial Network Deployment throughout the Physical Infrastructure
Reliable and flexible industrial networks are critical for maintaining productivity. Requirements range from the ability to trace production lot quality, to improving factory preventive maintenance schedules, to identification of constraints that decrease production. Protecting these networks from varying environmental conditions such as dusty and dirty to wet and corrosive on the production floor, is of vital importance. Deploying a Zone Architecture enables rapid and consistent transmission of data from corporate networks to equipment on the factory floor, while providing necessary environmental protection. Click here for more information.

Micro Data Centers

Optimize Industrial Communication and Linkage to the Corporate Network
Industrial network applications range from the ability to trace quality of production lots and improve preventive maintenance schedules to identifying constraints for increased productivity. These applications are supported by a reliable and secure network to keep production flowing and business communication running smoothly where downtime is measured in minutes and thousands of dollars by missing customer commitments. Crucial to success is ensuring that the linkage between these industrial communication and corporate network systems is secure, environmentally protected, and optimized to speed diagnostics and problem solving, while reserving the ability to isolate the networks when security threats to production arise.

Historically, corporate and industrial networks have been separated due to proprietary equipment and hard to support networks; however, the convergence of disparate networks onto Ethernet based networks is trending towards shared responsibility between Control Engineers and the IT organization. The result has been the deployment of IT equipment traditionally deployed in the office environment is often being deployed in the industrial space where additional protection is required. The Panduit Micro Data Center is designed to address today’s concerns as well as tomorrow’s considerations. Click here for more information.

Network Infrastructure Security Solution

Technology has rapidly become a critical asset for driving improvements in operational and financial efficiencies. With this reliance on technology comes increased risk. Broader access to networks, files, and web sites increases threats posing greater security risks. Security considerations, while paramount, should not become a barrier for service improvements and IT investments.

Panduit is a world-class developer and provider of leading-edge solutions that help optimize the physical infrastructure to mitigate risk. Panduit's Unified Physical Infrastructure-based solutions provide efficient physical infrastructure management that strengthens network security. Panduit offers Network Infrastructure Security Solutions that enhance information security measures at the physical layer by deterring unauthorized network access and physical system changes. Strong relationships with technology leaders, complemented with its global staff and superior service and support, make Panduit a valued and trusted partner. Click here for more information.

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