Can a PowerFlex 750 Series Drive be used with a Single Phase Input?

The article below details how a PowerFlex 750 Series Drive can be used with a Singe Phase Input (208-230V) but not with Single Phase Motors

Use the Technical Data Manual to also find the Single Phase Input de-rate. Information is found in the Technical Specifications, Electrical, Input Phases section.

Single-phase operation on Frames 1…7 provides up to 50% of rated current at 25 °C (77 °F) surrounding temperature. Set Parameter 462 [InPhase LossActn] = 0 [Ignore] if applying a single phase to avoid getting a nuisance Input Phase Loss, F17. The lower ambient temperature rating is due to the ripple currents in the capacitors.

Single-phase operation is not recommended for Frames 8 and larger.

NOTE: You have to de-rate by 50% on the CURRENT of the drive

Note: Rockwell currently does not make an AC Drive that can control or use a single-phase motor.