Can you replace or field install auxiliary contacts on 100S-C, 104S-C, and 700S-CF safety products?

Adding / Replacing NC mechanically linked auxiliary contacts on 100S-C, 104S-C and 700S-CF safety products

You cannot install in the field or at the factory additional Normally Closed (NC) auxiliary contacts to these products for the purpose of meeting the mechanically linked or positive force-guided performance ratings required for safety contactors and relays.

You also can not replace front mount Normally Closed auxiliary contacts on an existing Allen-Bradley 100S-C, 104S-C, and 700S-CF safety product. Part numbers starting with 100S-F are not available for sale.

100S-C09D14BC_1000x1000 IMG_49382507_104SC09EJ210BC1000x100016x9-bulletin-700s-cf-iec-safety-control-relay

All 100S-C, 104S-C, and 700S-CF safety products have a "C" at the end of the part number, which stands for "Clipped" This means that there is a clip installed at the factor between the contactor and Front Mount Auxiliary Contacts, which makes them very hard to separate as these are not intended to be able to.