Code Development and Testing Using Studio 5000 Logix Designer Part 7

In the final part of the Studio 5000 Basics series, learn to use Studio 5000 Logix Designer to develop and test code for an application consisting of a mixing tank, two ingredient valves, an agitator, two-level switches, and a drain valve.

The last video of the series is a tutorial on using Studio 5000 Logic Designer to develop and test code for an application. The application involves a mixing tank, two-ingredient valves, an agitator, two level switches, and a drain valve. Key steps include identifying the conditions that control the equipment, developing a verbal description of the normal sequence of operations, and creating the code to control the outputs of the PAC system. The video also covers how to import a program, edit the sequence of routines, add a rung for missing logic, and test the sequence of events. The tutorial emphasizes the importance of understanding output conditions, using self-latching circuits, and the different ways to code the same cycle.