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Did you lose your local IO when converting from one product family controller to another in Studio 5000?

When you have local IO and change the controller to a different series, all local IO must be deleted, as the new controller will not support the same IO locally. We have an example using the 1769 to 5069 CompactLogix conversion.

Below are the preferred conversion steps when you need to change the controller series.

In our example, we will be changing from the 1769 CompactLogix to the 5069 CompactLogix:

  1. Add new temporary 1769-AENTR module, with name "RemoteIO"
  2. Drag and drop all 1769 IO from local backplane to the remote IO card rack
  3. Change controller style usings controller properties window
    1. Important that 1 & 2 are done first otherwise all IO modules will be deleted during the controller change
  4. Create all new 5069 IO modules to match module style of the 1769 IO cards
  5. Use search and replace for all “RemoteIO” and change to Local to fix the prefix of the IO
    1. This can be done to bulk edit the prefix of all the IO
  6. Use search and replace to change the ".Data.##" to "PT##.Data"
    1. Need to confirm the specific syntax when new local IO modules are created. But you can change each of them by ## so you don’t have to find all the references individually