Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imager Demonstration Video

Dixon Smith from ES&E and Rick Kleinau from Fluke quickly demonstrate the Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imager.

HubSpot Video
The video features Dixon Smith, MRO Manager at ES&E, and Rick Kleinau from Fluke discussing the PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imager.
The imager is a personal tool that fits in your pocket and costs under a thousand dollars. It has two cameras, a standard one and a thermal imaging lens. The images from both cameras can be displayed on top of each other, and the user can adjust the display to show more of either the infrared or the visual camera. The imager also has a digital readout at the top that shows the center point temperature. It is a fully radiometric camera, meaning it knows the temperature at every point on the screen.
The imager also has a color scale that automatically controls the temperature display, with red indicating hot and blue indicating cold. Other features include the ability to freeze the image, add notes, and transfer images to a tablet or smartphone. The imager is a powerful tool for troubleshooting day-to-day problems!