PanelView 800 Features and Out of Box Setup

Eric Hanley, an Automation Specialist with ES&E, reviews the PanelView 800 features and demonstrates how to use the CCW software in part 1 of the 4-part PV 800 series.

Part 1: Features and Out-of-Box Setup - Panelview 800 and CCW

The PV800 is the successor of the PanelView component and is programmed using the software-connected components workbench or CCW.

The video is presented by Eric Hanley, an automation specialist with ES&E, and it provides a review of the Panel View 800 features and enhancements, as well as discusses the out-of-box hardware setup. The Panel View 800 is the successor of the Panel View component and is programmed using the software Connected Component Workbench (CCW). It supports email notifications based on alarm triggers, has its own library of objects, supports file transfers using FTP, and can connect to a Compact Logix controller. However, it has limitations, such as only allowing connection to one controller and not having more than 50 screens or more than 400 tags. The hardware setup involves applying a 24-volt DC to the power terminal and assigning an IP address to the terminal. The firmware installed on the terminal should be verified and if necessary, upgraded using Control Flash Plus.