How to create Stratus Virtual image from an ISO image located on a window10 share.

Windows 10 security can prevent the creation of Stratus image from a file share.

The issue is creating an image for an iso image on a Windows 10 file share. The problem is on the source end where the CIFS/SMB permission is being denied while loading the iso from the file server over to the Stratus ramdisk for creating the VM instance. The only work-around would be is to load the iso as a VCD which has already been done in our case.   

The following are the steps for creating a VCD on the Stratus ZTC servers:

  1. Select the Virtual CDS option on the ZTC admin console.
  2. Select create VCD
  3. Fill out the Virtual CD Creation Wizard
  4. Once complete screen will look like this:
  5. At this point create the image with the newly created VCD.
  6. In the VM creation Wizard select boot form VCD and choose the Newly created VCD

  7. When finished creating all your VMS you can delete the VCD.