How to re-host activations when cannot locate serial number or machine assigned serial number is no longer available?

When something happens to your PC, server, or virtual machine and you can no longer access Activation Manager, there is a simple method to re-host your activations.

You can re-host your license using a few simple steps along with the help of Rockwell's Activation group chat support.

Follow the steps below:

1. Locate the serial numbers assigned to the activation manager that is no longer available. If possible locate the product keys for each serial number.

a. This is by far the most tricky step. ES&E can help run a report of all serial numbers listed to your company, but without some tracking on your local system, the list may be extensive.

b. If you cannot find the product key, continue to step 2; if you do have the product key you can skip to step 5.

2. Log into Rockwell's PCDC (short for Product Compatibility and Download Center), then select the link to download by serial number.



3. Use the serial number you found and match it with your company name by changing the dropdown menu to the company name.

a. Company Name must be AT LEAST 4 characters. If you have trouble using the company name, use your company Authorization number or Business Partner ID (BPID).

4. Once the match is confirmed, you will see a new window where you can select the link for "Activation Certificate"


5. With the Serial Number and Product key, start a chat session with Rockwell's Activation Group. Go to Rockwell's Knowledgebase, select the drop-down for Get Support, and Select "Chat & Submit a Question"



6. When on the chat page, select the three dots ellipsis; this will open a series of additional questions.


7. Question 1 is answer 4, question 2 is No, and question 3 is your choice. Typically we have found it to be the fastest when using chat.

a. b.

8. Once connected with a representative, explain this is a new ticket, and you need help rehosting a license that is assigned to a machine that is no longer available. Then provide the serial number and product key and they will respond let you know it is rehosted.

9. From here you can now activate using the normal steps to download and activate the license again.