How do I set up a Rockwell IO-Link Master in Studio 5000?

In this video, learn how to set up Rockwell Automation’s Armorblock IO-link Master in Studio 5000 and add one IO link sensor.

The video is a tutorial by Eric Hanley, an automation specialist with ES&E, on how to set up Rockwell's Armor Block I/O Link Master in Studio 5000 and add an I/O Link sensor. Key steps include adding the I/O Link Master to an existing Studio 5000 project, configuring the I/O Link Master by assigning it a name and IP address and configuring each port. The video also covers how to add a sensor to Channel 0, register the IODD file, and select the process data. The tutorial also explains how to download the configuration into the PLC and go online to see the remaining features.