How to Set Up and Upgrade the Firmware of a Panel View Plus 7 - Part 2

In part 2 of the FactoryTalk View ME Basics series, Eric Hanley, an automation specialist with ES&E, covers the required out-of-box hardware setup and the software ME Firmware Upgrade Wizard used to change firmware within the PanelView Plus 7.

The video is a tutorial by Eric Hanley, an automation specialist with ES&E, on how to set up and upgrade the firmware of a PanelView Plus 7. Key steps include connecting the device to a 24-volt DC power supply, setting a password and challenge for desktop access, and configuring the IP address, subnet mask, and Gateway. The video also explains how to check the firmware and two methods to update it: directly from a PC using Factory Talk Links or by creating a firmware update card using an SD or USB storage device. The video recommends leaving the password requirement for desktop access and assigning an IP address even if not using ethernet. The firmware update process takes about 15-20 minutes. Keep watching to learn more!