How do you setup a network server for FactoryTalk Activation Manager

Setting up FactoryTalk Activation Manager with Codemeter for network server and clients

The CodeMeter licenses require the CodeMeter Server to be configured as a Network Server. If the Server machine is not allowed to perform as one, licenses stored on it will not appear on the client machines.
 Before following any solution below please make sure that:
Keep in mind the following considerations when sharing licenses with other users in the network:
  • You must configure your network to allow the communication between devices that need to share the license privileges:
    • Both computers need to be configured so that both TCP and UDP ports 22350 are set to open.
    • You must be able to ping computers both ways.
  1. Open FactoryTalk Activation Manager and go to Advanced --> Configure CodeMeter Server.
  2. Check the box next to Run Network Server and select Apply.

    Note: If you cannot check Run Network Server make sure that the Close Server Port is unchecked.
  3. In FactoryTalk Activation Manager on both server and client machines in the Advanced tab go to Refresh This Server --> Refresh Server.
  4. When the server state is Running go to Manage Activations --> Find Available Activations --> Refresh Activations. Your license should appear in the box.
    Note: RSLogix version 20.05 is the lowest version that can be activated using the CodeMeter license.
  5. Setup Client PC to find Server by using IP address of server or DHCP name