How to build a fault-tolerant virtual server environment for your manufacturing facility.

Edge computing is quickly becoming a driving force in digital transformation.

Today's enterprises must become completely self-reliant and able to handle everything from minor server maintenance to replacing vital components without interrupting workflows.

Jeremy Oxendine with ES&E discusses how the Stratus ftServer makes this a reality by ensuring that applications run without downtime or data loss.

The video discusses the importance of Edge Computing in digital transformation and the challenges of staffing specialized IT resources at remote Edge locations. It introduces the Stratus ftServer as a solution to these challenges, highlighting its self-monitoring, self-diagnosing, and self-healing capabilities. The server ensures continuous availability of applications without downtime or data loss, even during unplanned repairs. It also allows for easy replacement of components by non-technical staff. The key takeaway is that the Stratus ftServer provides a resilient and autonomous infrastructure for Edge Computing, essential for digital factories and back office operations.