DC Micro Cable Bulletins

Michael Parker, a specialist with ES&E, goes over different types of Sensor Cables. More specifically, the DC Micro M12 line of Cordsets, Patchcords, V and Y cables.

The video features Michael Parker, a smart sensor specialist with ES&E, discussing different types of sensor cables, specifically the DC micro M12 line of cord sets, patch cords, v and y cables. These components come in various connector configurations and housing materials. Rockwell Automation has two bulletins, 889d and 879d, to help configure the necessary sensor cables for a project. The 889d bulletin covers DC micro cord sets and patch cords, available with straight and right angle 4 pin or 5-pin over molded connectors. The 879d bulletin covers DC micro M12 v and y cables, which allow two field devices to interface with a single i/o port. The video emphasizes the importance of secure connections for field devices like proximity sensors, limit switchers, and photoelectric sensors. Utilizing these DC micro sensor cables, distribution boxes, attachable connectors, panel mount receptacles, splitters, and T's can ensure efficient plant operation.