DataLogc Smart Vision Sensor

The Smart Vision Sensor enabled with A.I. and empowered by machine learning assisted setting algorithms.

This video is an introduction to the new datalogic Smart Vision sensor (Smart VS) by Michael Parker, a sensor specialist with ES&E. The Smart VS is the first smart sensor based on machine learning and powered by AI technology. It can learn what is good and not good for fast and reliable detection of object conditions, making it ideal for applications that check the presence and orientation of labels and caps.
The sensor has a compact body with features like a powerful polarized white light illuminator, ethernet connectivity, IP65 and IP67 mechanical protection, a bright red pointer, and green and red spot technology. It is easy to use and maintain and does not require machine vision skills. It also includes a remote setup with a simple web browser interface for real-time image control and multiple configuration settings. The Smart VS can replace complex vision sensors and reduce maintenance as no operator training is needed. It can be used in food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and packaging machinery applications.