Panduit MP300 Printer Overview Video

Dixon Smith from ES&E welcomes Ashby Company's Kent Plankey with the Panduit MP300, combining best-in-class print technology with industry-leading labeling and software capabilities.

The video features a discussion between Dixon Smith, MRO Sales Manager at ES&E, and Kent Plankey from Ashby Company about the MP300 portable label printer from Panduit. The printer, developed in partnership with Epson, is handheld and well-designed. It stands out from other printers on the market due to its ability to print larger (up to an inch and a half), better (360 dpi compared to about 300 dpi), and faster (1.4 inches per second). The printer is suitable for electrical contractors, maintenance electricians, and OEMs. It can print self-laminating wire markers, continuous tape in different colors and materials, and heat shrink. The printer also features a handle for easy carrying and magnets on the back for sticking to an enclosure. It is more expensive than low-end printers, but it saves time and labor. The printer comes as a kit, including the printer, adapter battery charger, carrying case, and extra cassettes.