PowerFlex Output for Motor Heating

Learn how to keep a PowerFlex 755 drive warm.

I have a PowerFlex 755 drive. How can I use the drive to keep the motor warm?

If the motor has heaters in its windings, a Digital Output can be programmed for Run. When the drive is not running the motor, the appropriate heater voltage will be passing through to the heaters in the motor. Note: Depending on if the Digital Output is being used, NO or NC, there is a possibility you may need to use the parameter (Dig Out Invert).

If the motor doesn't have heaters in its windings and the motor manufacturer or motor datasheet indicates at "0" speed, the motor can have current running through its windings; you can set up the drive to have DC current trickle through the motor winds whenever the drive has gotten a Stop command and parameter 370 (Stop Mode A) = Ramp to Hold. Leave the default setting of parameter 393 (DC Brake Lvl Set) = Port 0 DC Brake Level parameter 394. Set parameter 394 (DC Brake Level) = to the Flux current of the motor.