Learn how to analyze a waveform on the Fluke MDA-500

Fluke Sales Engineer, Rick Kleinau, demonstrates how to analyze a waveform on the MDA-500.

HubSpot Video
The video features Rick Kleinau, a sales engineer for the Fluke Corporation, explaining how to analyze a sine wave on a Fluke scope meter. He discusses the characteristics of a sine wave, including its frequency, amplitude, and crest factor. He explains that the shape of the waveform remains the same regardless of the voltage level and that the frequency is consistent at 60 hertz in the US power grid. He also discusses the concept of harmonic distortion, stating that a sine wave has no harmonic content, but a waveform that is not a sine wave does have harmonics. He demonstrates how to use the scope meter to measure the peak voltage, RMS value, and period of the sine wave.