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Rockwell Automation Conformal Coating Products

This is a list of Rockwell Products that have or have the option of having a conformal coating on the circuit boards

  • What is Conformal Coating? Conformal coating is the process of spraying a non-conducting substance, an insulator, onto a device or component to help protect it from moisture, fungus, dust, corrosion, abrasion, and other environmental stresses. It is a thin film that “conforms” to the varied profiles of an assembly.
  • Why Use Conformal Coated Products? Conformal coating offers protection of circuitry from moisture, fungus, dust, and corrosion caused by highly polluted atmospheres. It also offers an improved product life cycle when exposure to a corrosive environment is present. It helps maintain long-term surface insulation resistance, ensuring the operational integrity of the assembly.
  • Why Use Conformal Coated Products? Water/wastewater, Mining, Pulp and paper, Metal, Food and beverage processing, and Tire and rubber

Rockwell Automation Conformal Coating Products

Rockwell Automation Conformal Coated Products - Protecting Your Automation Investment 

ControlLogix System

Rack / Power Supply /Accessories

Communication Modules

I/O Modules


CompactLogix Controllers 

Rack / Power Supply /  Accessories

Communication Adapters

I/O Modules


FLEX I/O Modules

Communication Adapters

I/O Modules

Terminal Bases

POINT I/O Modules


I/O Modules

Communication Adapters

PanelView  Plus 6 Graphic Terminals

PowerFlex Drives

Kinetix Drives

PanelView Plus 7 Graphic Terminals

Condition Monitoring

Terminal Bases

1444-TB-A  1440-TB-A     


Stratix Switches

Stratix 5700

Stratix 5410

Switched Mode Power Supplies

Power Supplies


700S-CFB440EJC 700S-CF440EJBC 700S-CF440KDBC  

HL Relay

Micro800™ Controllers

I/O Cards


FLEX 5000 I/O Modules

Communication Adapters

I/O Modules

Mounting Base / Terminal Blocks

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Condition Monitoring

Condition Sensors, Switches, and Controls

Connection Systems

Control Circuit and Load Protection


Graphic Terminals/ Human Machine Interfaces

Industrial Computers and Monitors

Lighting Control


Medium Voltage Products

Motor Control, IEC

Motor Control, NEMA

Motor Control, Solid-State

Networks and Communication

Plastic Enclosures

Power Quality and Energy Management

Power Supplies / Transformers/ UPS

Programmable Controllers & I/O

Push Buttons

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Relays & Timers

Rockwell Software



Signal Conditioners


Terminal Blocks and Wiring Systems