Uploading and Downloading with Studio 5000 Logix Designer Part 4

In Part 4 of the Studio 5000 Basics series, Eric shows you how to download and upload along with the required mode selection of the controller.

Part 4 of the series provides a tutorial on downloading and uploading with Studio 5000 Logix designer software and the mode switch properties using a compact Guardlogix PAC. The video explains that downloading compiles the project file from the computer and loads it into the controller, erasing everything in the controller and breaking all other forms of communication until the download is complete. On the other hand, Uploading takes the information already inside the controller and brings it to the PC. The mode selector switch, which has three positions - program, run, and remote - is also discussed. Program mode stops the controller from executing the logic and allows downloads, run mode allows the controller to execute the code but prevents any editing or downloads, and remote mode allows the software to take control remotely. Watch the full video to learn more!