Watch a Quick Demo of the Panduit Data Access Port

The Panduit Data Access Port provides data port and electrical outlet access to equipment without the safety hazards of opening the panel.

The video features a discussion between Dixon Smith, MRO Sales Manager at ES&E, and Kent Plankey from the Ashby Company, about the data access ports offered by Panduit.

The key takeaways from the video are: 

1. Panduit's data access ports are now round in shape, which is a significant change and offers a big advantage in terms of installation. The ports come in three sizes: 30 millimeter, 3.3 inch, and 4 inch.

2. The round shape allows for easy installation by drilling a pilot hole and then using a knockout of the customer's preference.

3. The data access ports are modular, allowing for flexibility and adaptability to changes in technology. Modules can be easily swapped out as needed.

4. Panduit offers the option to print custom logos on the data access ports, which is particularly useful for OEMs who want their name on the machine.

5. The data access ports are also useful for MROs, especially in today's data-driven world. They can be installed on existing panels to upgrade accessibility.

6. The data access ports can contribute to safety and arc flash prevention by allowing work to be done with the enclosure closed.