Watch a Quick Introduction Video on Knipex Tools

ES&E is a stocking distributor for Knipex Tools

Dixon Smith from ES&E and Kent Plankey from Ashby Company provide a quick introduction to our line of Knipex tools. For over 130 years, Knipex has been working passionately on being the best manufacturer of pliers and tools in the world.

Once you use their products, you’ll agree with their many satisfied customers that they’ve achieved this lofty goal. Even better tools are the guiding principle behind the continued improvement of their products’ use and performance. 

Kent demonstrates the strength of the pliers by standing on them. They discuss three types of pliers that ES&E will be stocking: the Cobra pliers, the Alligator pliers, and the Pipe Gripping pliers. The Cobra and Alligator pliers are similar in design and made from German steel, but differ in their adjustment mechanisms. The Pipe Gripping pliers have soft inserts to prevent damage to the material being gripped. They also discuss the Adjustable plier, which can replace many tools due to its adjustability and strength. The Compact Bolt Cutters, available in six, eight, and ten-inch sizes, are also mentioned for their cutting power. The key takeaways from the video are the strength, versatility, and quality of the Knipex tools and the variety of tools that ES&E will be stocking.