Watch a demo on Panduit Crimpers

Dixon Smith from ES&E and Kent Plankey from Ashby Company give a quick rundown of the Panduit CT-720 manual crimper and the Panduit Blackfin CT-2600 battery-powered crimper.

HubSpot Video

The video features Dixon Smith, MRO Sales Manager at Electric Supply and Equipment, and Kent Plankey from Ashby Company, who is representing Panduit. They discuss and demonstrate two types of crimping tools: the traditional CT 720 and the battery-powered Blackfin CT 2600. The CT 720 is a manual die-type crimper suitable for a range of customers, including electrical contractors and OEMs. It can crimp from a number 8 up to a 500 MCM code cable. The dies are easy to change out, and the tool is simple to use. The Blackfin CT 2600 is a battery-operated hydraulic four-ton crimping tool that can perform about 400 crimps on a single charge. It has a quick recharge time of about 24 minutes. The dies are color-coded and easy to change out. The Blackfin series offers a range of tools, including smaller hydraulic crimpers and dieless-type crimpers. The key takeaway is that both tools are efficient, easy to use, and suitable for a variety of customers.