Watch a Video on Walther Procon Industrial Connectors

Dixon Smith, Vice President of MRO Sales at ES&E, is joined by Geoff Wienke to show the Procon Series of connectors made by Walther.

The video features Dixon Smith, Vice President of MRO Sales at ES&E, introducing Geoff Wienke from Walther Electric. Geoff presents the Pro Con series of connectors made by Walther Electric, emphasizing their importance in maintaining stable power connections in industrial power environments. He demonstrates a kit that displays various components of typical Walther Electric products, including a full line of inserts, hoods, and housings. Geoff explains how these components can be used for plug-and-play solutions using rectangular connectors. Geoff highlights the importance of knowing the number and size of wires and the diameter of the cable for selecting the right application. The key takeaway is that Walther Electric provides a comprehensive range of connectors and related products, suitable for various industrial applications.

Everything featured in this video is available in a Demo Kit that can be requested from your local ES&E Account Manager.