Why is the motor I want not showing up in my axis properties?

When configuring an axis of motion in Logix designer the servo motor required doesn't show up in the list of motor catalog numbers.

Usually, this occurs when the incorrect power voltage is selected in the associated module properties. For instance, if the motor being used is a 240Vac motor (MPL-Axxx, VPL-Axxx, or TLP-Axxx), then the module power setting must be set to a 240V power source. When the particular power is selected, then all the motors that do not match that power selection will be filtered out. Therefore, in order to select a 240Vac motor, it is required to change the module power setting to 240Vac. If using a Kinetix 5700 system, then firmware revision 13 is needed for any voltage other than 480Vac.