How to Connect to a PanelView 800 to Download or Upload a Project Using CCW

Eric Hanley, an Automation Specialist with ES&E, goes over connecting to the PV800 to download or upload a project using Connected Components Workbench (CCW) in part 4 of the PV series.

Part 4: Downloading and Uploading - Panelview 800 and CCW

Key takeaways include:
1. Downloading is the process of taking a project from your PC and storing it into the end device, while uploading is taking the project from an end device and bringing it onto your PC.
2. In CCW, there is no direct download button. You must go to the device drop-down, hover over the download, and select 'download application'.
3. After selecting 'download application', a validation pop-up window will appear to ensure the project is valid. If there are any issues, it will notify you.
4. After validation, a connection browser will pop up. If the Panel View has an application already running, it will ask if you want to stop the existing one to download the new one.
5. Uploading can be done in two ways: by selecting 'discover' from the initial CCW page, or if you already have a project but want to ensure you have the latest copy, you can open the project, select the device drop-down, and press 'upload'.
6. After pressing 'upload', a pop-up will appear showing all applications currently installed on the hardware and will ask which one you want to upload.

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