GuardLogix Overview Part 1

In Part 1 of the GuardLogix Basics Series, Eric Hanley, an Automation Specialist with ES&E, conducts an overview of safety and standards, then continues on to cover the GuardLogix hardware offered by Rockwell Automation.

These videos will cover:

  • Safety & Hardware
  • Documentation & CIP Safety
  • Safety Tasks, Tags, & Instructions
  • IO Setup, Diagnostics, & Replacement
The GuardLogix Basic series is presented by Eric Hanley, an automation specialist with ES&E.
Part 1 of the series provides an overview of safety and automation standards, focusing on the Guardlogix hardware offered by Rockwell Automation. The video explains the concept of functional safety, which is using an automation system to ensure people's and equipment's safety. The video emphasizes the importance of conducting a safety assessment when designing or upgrading safety equipment. It also explains the concept of a Safety Integrity Level (SIL), which is the component's safety rating, and a performance level, which is what is achieved after the system is designed and installed with the proper SIL-rated components. Watch the series to learn more!