Techniques and solutions to ensure you have the right assets to keep your plant operating efficiently

Have you heard of digital transformation? If so, you understand that smart machines can increase production and reduce downtime significantly. You also know that modernization can increase asset performance, make your systems easier to maintain and support, and improve safety and security 


What you have and where to start

Start your journey with a detailed understanding of what's in your facility. Understand your installed asset inventory, identify critical areas, and plan your lifecycle.


Upgrade your design and testing process

Designing and testing in a virtual environment is more important than ever. You can learn about some tools Rockwell Automation offers to provide a highly integrated design process solution using FT Echo and Emulate 3D.


Reuse existing PLC applications

Don’t start from scratch! Reuse existing PLC applications using the available conversion tools.

These tools provide a foundation to begin your application upgrade.


Reuse your work (HMI)

In addition to the PLC tools, tools are available to convert HMI applications from legacy PanelView to the latest PanelView Plus platforms.


Upgrade your drives, reduce downtime

As drive technology evolves, take advantage of new features that will improve performance and reduce downtime.


Upgrade your motion and improve performance

Upgrade servo controller and motors for maximum control and feedback.


Upgrade your network to Ethernet

Convert legacy DeviceNet and ControlNet architectures to Ethernet/IP. With security in mind, build a secure, robust, future-proof network.

What's Next?

Digital Transformation

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