Modernization - Motion

Upgrade your Motion and Improve Performance

Upgrade your Motion and Improve Performance


The all new Kinetix 5000 series servo drives boast a comprehensive range of power options and innovative features, these drives can bring enhancements to a wide variety of applications.  

Upgrade your outdated Kinetix 300, Kinetix 6000 and Ultra Drives to the latest Kinetix 5000 platforms and take advantage of new tools that reduce downtime and increase performance. 

Product Lifecycle Status Definitions

  • ACTIVE: Most current offering within a product category. The product does not have to be recently launched.


  • ACTIVE MATURE: The product is fully supported and available, but a newer family exists—gain value by migrating to the newer family.


  • END OF LIFE: Discontinued date announced - actively execute migrations and last-time buys. The product is available until the discontinuation date.


  • DISCONTINUED: New product no longer available. Repair/exchange services may still be available.


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