With large moving equipment necessary to produce final products, production equipment may pose a significant risk to machine operators and maintenance personnel.  However, with the right approach to safety, these risks can be eliminated or mitigated to protect staff.  Our offerings solve the following problems:  

  • How much risk is associated with a machine? 
  • What options are available to reduce or eliminate this risk? 
  • How can these changes interact with or improve production? 
  • How can I simplify installation and reduce troubleshooting time? 

ES&E and Rockwell are TÜV Rheinland Certification Providers able to provide expertise for your application needs and provide a safer, more intelligent machine. 

Machine Safety Solutions

  • Safety Risk Assessments and Training 
  • Safety Circuit Analysis 
  • Programming Training (GuardLogix) 
  • Safety application consultation & application techniques 
  • Machine Guarding & Safety Fencing 
  • Bill of Material Selection


  • Area Scanners

  • Light Curtains

  • Access Boxes

  • Safety Switches

  • Ethernet-based options provide improved diagnostics and monitoring 

Intelligent Safety Control


  • Safety Controllers (GuardLogix)
  • On-machine IO

  • Small safety systems (CR30)

  • Safety and machine programming in a single device while still meeting up to PLe or SIL3 requirements 

  • Simple programming for greater machine flexibility

Intelligent Safety Devices

  • Safety VFDs

  • Safety Servo & Motion

  • Control your end devices via hardwired or Ethernet connection without sacrificing safety 

  • New features to provide safe speed, safe torque off (STO, and safe position monitoring.




  • Programmable Safety
  • Relays
  • Safety Contractor
  • Intelligent Hardwired
  • Solution (GuardLink)
  • Scale your solution to meet your needs
  • Traditional hardwired solutions can be used for simple applications and provide new options for remote monitoring and diagnostics.
The SISTEMA tool automates the calculation of the attained Performance Level from the safety-related parts of a machine control system. ES&E can help utilize these tools to maximize your confidence in your safety system.
Guarding and Fencing
Efficient work can only be done with well-protected machines. With GSM safety fences, your operators - or the operators of your customers – get the highest level of safety.