Electrical Safety

Significant electrical hazards exist at nearly every industrial manufacturing facility.  Employees are at risk for severe or life-threatening injuries without the proper procedures, training, and protective equipment (PPE).  ES&E and its partners provide solutions for each of the challenges listed:  


  • How can I verify that my procedures are OSHA-compliant? 
  • How much risk exists for my employees and electrical service providers? 
  • How can I ensure my employees are properly trained? 
  • What protective equipment is required for my facility?
Lockout Tagout
Accurate easy-to-follow Lockout/Tagout instructions are a key component of any company's comprehensive safety plan.
Personal Protective Equipment
Modern personal protective equipment ("PPE") is evolving.  New developments provide the same level of protection with more options and more comfort. 
Safety Training
Proactive safety measures can reduce the risk of workplace accidents and injuries, saving resources that can be utilized elsewhere.