Design Organization and Installation

Is your storeroom as efficient as it should be?

Is your storeroom as efficient as it should be?

Our turnkey project services provide options for a complete storeroom redesign. Starting with our assessment services, we review the needs of your storeroom for your facility. A storeroom design reviews and reuses existing storeroom components or provides a complete redesign. Combined with installation and organization services, we will revamp your storeroom to maximize efficiency and room for growth.  Our project services leverage experience across multiple customer facilities and over 85 years of mastering inventory management and layouts. 

When should you redesign your storeroom? 

  • Plant or production changes have created changes in the parts needed onsite
  • The storeroom has been updated over time and needs an overhaul to increase efficiency
  • New plant equipment or new production requirements 
  • Inventory reduction initiative

What does a turnkey storeroom project include? 

  • Assessment (See Inventory and Lifecycle Assessment) 
  • Design - Use our expertise with your input for an improved storeroom layout 
  • Hardware - Shelving, lockers, and vending based on your equipment needs 
  • Installation 
  • Planning - We create a plan with your team to ensure goals are met and provide a framework for the future
  • Organization - Complete organization based on framework