Circuit Breaker Testing

Verify the protection of critical equipment

Verify the protection of critical equipment

Circuit breaker testing evaluates the operation of critical breakers in your facility.  This service includes inspection, cleaning, testing, and a report detailing the status of each breaker evaluated. 


Reduce the risk of a major safety event and damage to key equipment with  our breaker testing services as part of a scheduled maintenance plan. 


What is Provided

  • Testing resource partner will perform secondary and /or primary testing of circuit breakers specified within the project
  • Procedures followed during testing comply with NETA, American Society for Nondestructive Testing, NFPA 70B, NFPA 70E, IEEE, and OSHA Standards
  • ES&E will prepare a full list of breakers to be tested and will confirm with the customer prior to testing
  • The project will include engineering technicians and all test equipment required to test circuit breakers 
  • Equipment cleaning 
  • All testing and calibration of circuit breakers will comply with manufacturers' specifications
  • Detailed report on test results
  • Failed breakers are to be reviewed and optionally replaced as required 


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