Inventory and Storeroom

The parts you need, when you need them

The parts you need, when you need them

ES&E Inventory Solutions can reduce your total procurement costs and on-hand inventory. Our goal is ambitious: to help you, our customer, make substantial improvements in the performance of your business. On average, our customers see a 25-40% reduction in inventory and a 5-15% price reduction after our services are completed. ES&E Inventory Solutions offers you a way to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business. 


Every customer is different and requires customized inventory solutions. ES&E inventory solutions partner with Storeroom Logix, so a solution can be mixed and matched to accommodate any size cabinet or storeroom. Please get in touch with an ES&E representative to schedule a free consultation today. 


Primary Benefits 

  • Avoid running out of critical items. Let us manage them for you 
  • Optimize inventory levels based on demand and supplier inventory 
  • Automated reordering 
  • Track spending on jobs, projects, or work orders 
  • Smart locker and vending solutions for additional security and consumption limits 
  • We can enhance your entire storeroom operation - assess, design, organize, optimize
Inventory and Storeroom
Design, Organization, and Installation
Our turnkey project services provide options for a complete storeroom redesign.
Inventory and Storeroom
Inventory and Lifecycle Assessment
As time passes, changes in production create misalignment between the needs of the onsite equipment and the storeroom.
Inventory and Storeroom
Lockers, Shelving, and Vending
Our wide variety of hardware solutions ensures your facility has exactly what it needs for your budget and your equipment. 
Inventory and Storeroom
Spare Parts Management
A well-thought-out system of tracking and replenishing parts can have a big impact on productivity and cost.
Inventory and Storeroom
Vendor Managed Inventory
ES&E's vendor-managed inventory (VMI) solution combines our superior service with the advanced capabilities of the Storeroom Logix platform.