Lockers, Shelving, and Vending

Smart inventory control

Smart inventory control

Our wide variety of hardware solutions ensures your facility has exactly what it needs for your budget and your equipment.  Smart lockers, shelving, and vending provide automated solutions for inventory control, asset management, and cost tracking.  Eliminate the inefficiency of manual tracking, these secure solutions prevent waste and provide real-time usage information.  RFID technology provides fast tracking of costly items to make sure each and every item is accounted for.

Asset Lockers

Our asset lockers help automate and control consumable parts and assets. Integration of your inventory automates replenishment. 
It’s all easy to set up and easier to use.
Numerous of sizes and options, including built-in outlets for recharging tablets, computers, radios, etc. Smart Shelves can also be added to count items inside each locker constantly.

Helix Vending

The ES&E helix vending machines control access, dispense parts, keep track of on-hand inventory levels, and monitor min/ max levels, all in a simple and inexpensive industrial vending machine. Small consumables, including PPE items such as eyeglasses, ear plugs, and gloves, are the perfect fit for the Helix vending machines.

RFID Readers

Our RFID solution keeps track of​ who, what, when, and where for parts and​ assets. By being linked to SRX Software,​ it also keeps track of on-hand inventory​ levels without any physical contact. Items as well as assets can be tagged with low-cost disposable tags for single use or with durable tags for items such as tools.

Order Buttons

ES&E reorder buttons are a very fast way for a user to send a replenishment request to a replenishment of an item from ES&E.  The buttons are best for parts that have an irregular, or spikes in, demand. Push the button and an order gets sent to ES&E.

Smart Shelves

ES&E's Smart Shelves eliminate the​ need for manual counting, scanning,​ and placing orders. By being linked to​ SRX Software, the shelves keep track​ of on-hand inventory levels, monitor​ min/max levels, and automatically​ transmit replenishment requests to​ ES&E.

SRXPlus Software

SRXPlus gives you total control of your inventory and assets.  You know where it is, when you need it, where it is used, and who used it. Integrate with suppliers, and CMMS systems across all of your locations. And it’s easy to use from any device.