Inventory and Lifecycle Assessment

Does your storeroom match your equipment?

Does your storeroom match your equipment?

As time passes, changes in production create misalignment between the needs of the onsite equipment and the storeroom.  What if you could ensure your storeroom had exactly what it needed to support your equipment? 


Our Assessment Services provide a detailed review of your storeroom and your facility to highlight any areas of missing inventory or waste.  These services are meant to work in conjunction with your current operation and can be offered as a standalone service or as part of a turnkey storeroom upgrade project.  We will assess each machine onsite or in production and verify your storeroom has critical parts needed. 


Primary Benefits 

  • Be confident you have the critical spare parts you need 

  • Eliminate excess inventory supporting equipment that's no longer in use

  • Understand the total value of automation items in your storeroom and facility
  • Review the lifecycle of items in your storeroom and facility
  • Analyze the layout of your storeroom to support future growth
  • First step in future design or optimization project

Type Count of Type Number Empty % Empty
Open Shelf 100 31 31%
Compartments 500 250 50%
Drawer 75 25 33%



Classifications Qty.
OEM/Custom Parts 20
L 5
M 10
S 5
Pneumatic & Hydraulic Parts 123
L 10
M 13
S 100
Tools 30
M 20
S 10
Automation & Electronic Parts 100
L 25
M 25
S 50
Mechanical Parts 800
L 200
M 200
S 400
Electrical Parts 500
L 50
M 250
S 200