Smart Devices

The foundation of smart manufacturing

The foundation of smart manufacturing

Smart Devices reduce the cost of downtimes, preventing unplanned machine stops, increase productivity, faster time to market, lower total cost of ownership, improved asset utilization and enterprise risk management,

In today's evolving industrial landscape, the demand for production and machine information has never been greater. Industrial-grade smart devices have become a crucial component for smart machines, serving as the initial step to capture operational data. By providing valuable insights and information, these devices empower you to make informed decisions and drive smarter outcomes.

Smart Devices

Smart devices are the foundation for smart systems – and smarter machines. They are the gateway to the information you need to take immediate action, improve productivity, and start your journey for a digital transformation. Smart starts here. Smart devices improve product quality, reduce downtime, and future-proof your investment in smarter machines to allow smarter manufacturing.


Smart Devices include smart sensors, machine vision cameras, barcode readers, and mobile computers.

Smart Sensors

A Smart Sensor solution provides all the data required to create a comprehensive picture of the machine's status on the production line. As integral components of smart manufacturing, Smart Sensors are the first step in going from the real world to the virtual world.


Smart Sensors are available for pressure, temperature, distance, motion, level, and flow – allowing for a comprehensive view of your process. Knowledge of the current sensor situation and status also enables timely identification of any potential sensor issue.

The foundation of smart manufacturing
Smart devices serve as the backbone for intelligent systems and advanced machinery. They provide the essential gateway to operational data, empowering you to take prompt action, enhance productivity, and embark on your digital transformation journey.
Essential to keep your manufacturing running
Ensuring safety and security in your manufacturing operations is crucial for achieving optimal productivity. Smart safety and security solutions play a pivotal role in a manufacturer's operational strategy, providing a solid foundation for efficient and effective production.

Improve your


By leveraging the power of smart capabilities, you can revolutionize your operations and achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity. With the ability to improve product quality, increase responsiveness, and reduce downtime, you'll see a significant improvement in asset utilization and overall performance.