What is Mechatronics?

Mechatronics is the technology that brings together mechanical devices and electronics in an integrated way in order to perform a task. These electromechanical solutions can include electric actuators, robotics, and other motor-driven mechanical devices. Mechatronics has applications for most modern manufacturing equipment.


What can ES&E do for you?

ES&E's Mechatronics products include various servo drives, servo motors, and mechanical solutions. The Rockwell Automation servo drive portfolio extends from compact single-axis drives for simple applications to high-performance multi-axis servo drives which fit seamlessly into your Integrated Architecture™. Rotary and linear servo motors provide a wide selection of output power for various environmental and design challenges. Rockwell's integrated motion products provide simplified, out-of-the-box solutions for precise motion control. Mechanical offerings include gearboxes, linear actuators, and gantry systems. Each one of these mechanical solutions is built to custom fit your Rockwell Automation Servo motor.


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The Connected Enterprise

Get more productivity and efficiency out of your machines by transforming digitally and enabling The Connected Enterprise. Using advanced technology like smart gearboxes and adaptive tuning, you will get more life and value out of your products. Achieving a connected enterprise involves driving decisions and actions that unite people, processes, and technology. ES&E offers the tools, resources, and technology required to bring your connected enterprise to life.


Supported Manufacturers

Allen-Bradley | AMCI | Anorad | Apex Dynamics | E•DRIVE | Elwood-Gettys | Exlar Automation | Flex-Cable | Linmot | MTS | Macron Dynamics | Nexen Group | Nidec-Shimpo (Shimpo) | Nook Industries | PMI | Renishaw Encoders | Rockwell Automation | Stober Drives | Wittenstein | Zero-Max

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Motion Control
Rockwell Automation's integrated motion products provide simplified, out-of-the-box solutions for precise motion control.
Mechanical Solutions
Mechanical solutions are an important part of mechatronics engineering including gearboxes, linear actuators, and gantry systems.