Network Design

Plan, Design, and Implement

Plan, Design, and Implement

Good network design and planning are the foundation upon which performance and reliability are built. The process starts with collaboration between you and Rockwell Automation and continues through to ensure that the network built will best meet the needs of your system. 


Network Design Development
Offers a range from a design framework document that can be implemented by a network or IT specialist to a full design package or any subset in between. The required deliverables are determined during the initial collaboration. 


Network Migration Development 

Offers design assistance that focuses on upgrading an existing network that typically begins with an assessment. The deliverable includes a hardware and media path forward based on your requirements and the current status of the network. 


Network Standards Development 

Offers assistance if you require plant or corporate-wide standards for network consistency. The deliverable includes recommendations to be incorporated in a standards document based on a blend of industry standards and your requirements. 


Network implementation services help you to realize the benefits of manufacturing convergence by improved network efficiency, reduced operational costs and increased manufacturing productivity. Network Infrastructure Implementation is the foundation for a highly operational network and includes not only the media that transmits the traffic but the hardware that controls the flow of traffic and the software that sends, receives and manages the traffic. A network implementation that follows industry standards increases the opportunity of achieving the necessary performance and reliability and can negate the impacts that it can sometimes have when not implemented properly. The implementation process consists of turnkey solutions to simple system configurations. Turnkey solutions can include working with our Partners that offer guaranteed network installation.  


Network Installation 

Includes a range of offerings from equipment procurement to complete media and hardware installation services. 


Network Configuration 

Includes hardware and software setup for network devices. Optional deliverables can include configuration data and/or backup and restore procedures. 

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