Vendor Managed Inventory

Simplify your supply chain

Simplify your supply chain

ES&E's vendor-managed inventory (VMI) solution combines our superior service with the advanced capabilities of the Storeroom Logix platform.  With this solution, we can offload the burden of parts management using technology and ES&E's extensive inventory and delivery services.  A full VMI solution includes real-time inventory tracking, automated reordering, cost allocation to work orders, machines, or projects, and ES&E parts delivery and put-away. 


Our VMI services ensure you have the parts you need when you need them.




Core Components


Durable, clean, concise and integrated with all software.
1G Smart Labels - with Labels

Checkout Software

Easy to use web-based software to quickly find, document, and issue material.

Checkout Software-03


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VMI Health Report

Optional Equipment

Helix Machines

Asset and Smart Lockers

Weight Sensing Shelves

RFID Tags and Readers

Improve, Secure & Automate Your Supply Chain

With ES&E's VMI software and equipment, it's easy

By being linked to SRX Software,​ you can keep track of on-hand inventory​ levels, monitors min/max levels, and​ automatically transmit replenishment​ requests to ES&E or your system for consumables, assets, or both!


  • Monitor who, what, when, and where
  • Limit usage
  • Reduce consumption, shrinkage, and downtime
  • Track usage​
  • A super simple, fast solution
  • Easy and detailed reporting
  • Web and App based
  • Access the hardware and software anywhere with an internet connection and browser