Infrared Thermography

Identify problems before they cause failures, safety risks, or downtime

Identify problems before they cause failures, safety risks, or downtime

Most equipment failure mechanisms involve a significant rise in operating temperature long before catastrophic failure occurs. 


By using Infrared Thermography for preventive maintenance, ES&E can take thermal images of your panel at least once per year if not more often, and compare those images with each visit. Hot spots that weren’t there last time indicate potential problems that can be investigated before they cause a failure. 


For troubleshooting, taking a thermal image of a malfunctioning unit can often identify the source of the problem—electrical hotspots can tell you which phase or connectors to check, motor hotspots can narrow it down to bearings, and so forth. Then, after repairs, follow up with another thermal image and verify that the component is no longer overheating—or that something else isn’t now overheating, instead. 


What is Provided  

  • ES&E will perform qualitative Infrared Thermographic inspection of electrical panels, disconnects, transformers, and industrial control panels
  • The procedures followed during the Infrared inspection are based on the American Society for Nondestructive Testing, NFPA 70B & 70E, and OSHA
  • Counts will be determined from site visits as well as panel schedules and customer drawings
  • ES&E will prepare a list and confirm with the customer prior to testing
  • Testing includes all equipment, a certified thermographic, and a qualified technician to open and close electrical equipment during infrared inspection. 
  • A complete detailed report of all anomalies discovered

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