Network Assessment

Assess and Audit

Assess and Audit

Assessments evaluate the current condition of a designed or implemented network via documentation reviews or onsite network analysis. An assessment can help to prevent or fix network issues by evaluating the network, documenting design or implementation issues, and offering resolutions, as well as providing information about potential problems that could result in future unplanned downtime. Assessments can help you determine if the network can meet the functional requirements you need to achieve your goals. 


Design Assessment 

Network design reviews your existing design documentation (network layout, Bill of Material (BOM), cable schedules, configuration plans) to ensure the specified components, network architecture, and network configuration scheme will meet your functional requirements. Your deliverable is a summary that can be used to ensure all vendor designs will interconnect without any issues, to verify the design is within your specific requirements, or to offer a third-party review. 


Onsite General Assessment

This is a one-day review of the network's installation, configuration, and information. You will receive a summary of findings with a rated criticality and a high-level path forward. 


Onsite Comprehensive Assessment 

This assessment focuses on your need (issue, upgrade, or expansion), and can include operational tests, physical media testing, or specific issue identification. Your deliverable is a summary that will assist you in preventing downtime by bringing your network up to optimal condition. 


A Network Audit confirms networks are installed according to the governing body and/or customer standards. State-of-the-art network diagnostic tools are used to conduct installation and operational tests to validate system implementation and ensure performance is within standards outlined by TIA/EIA, ODVA, CNI or appropriate governing body. Installation testing validates the installation of new networks and prevents commissioning problems. Operational testing is an operational evaluation that tests system performance to ensure reliable communications and verify critical operating parameters. All test results and performance data are completely documented as a baseline for future reference. 


Network Audit 

Consists of comprehensive installation and operational network tests, measurements, and analysis based on governing body standards (ODVA, TIA/EIA, ControlNet International). The deliverable is a report documenting all findings, measurements, analysis, and remediation suggestions. 

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