Because equipment failures don't always occur between 8 and 5.

Because equipment failures don't always occur between 8 and 5.

ES&E is committed to providing the highest level of support possible. If you need support, please contact us at 800.632.0268. If it is After Hours (5 pm - 8 am Monday through Friday, Weekends, or Holidays), please see below for our after-hours contact information. We always want to be your first point of contact, but we have listed additional resources below.

24-Hour Support - 800.367.3862

This number is answered 24hrs a day, 365 days a year, by a live person located in a central call center. We do not use a pager, handed-off cell phone, answering machine, or automated attendant. Please let us know if we could meet your expectations or if you were unsatisfied. We strive to resolve after-hour problems as quickly and professionally as possible, so we would greatly appreciate any feedback you could give us. If you have any questions or want to learn more about what ES&E has to offer. Please feel free to call us at 800.632.0268 or contact us here.


24-Hour Support Process

  1. The call center answers your call.
  2. The call center will ask for your name, company name, the best way to reach you, and what you need help with.
  3. Your primary contact will return your call, but if your primary contact is unavailable, your call will be returned by the first person the call center could contact on our phone tree. It should be at most 5-10 minutes from when you hang up with the call center, but we ask that you call back if you have yet to have a return call within 20 minutes.
  4. Once your call is returned, we will check our inventory for your desired part or an acceptable substitution. We allow you to pick up the part or have it immediately delivered. If your part is not in ES&E's inventory, then the person on the phone can check the manufacturer's inventory. If your desired part is manufactured by Rockwell/Allen-Bradley and is unavailable at their central warehouse, then we will check the Rockwell repair/exchange hubs. We'll go ahead and arrange for the part to be flown out on the first available commercial flight to a local airport. You will be given the option to pick up the part or have it delivered to your facility.

We hope that you can avoid after-hours downtime, but please give us a call if you find yourself in this situation.

Rockwell Automation and

Phone Support, Repair Services, Instructor Led Training Registration, and OnSite Support Callout Services: 440.646.3434


Weekends and Holidays: 800.422.4913

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