Coordination Study

Don't let minor incidents create major headaches

Don't let minor incidents create major headaches

A properly coordinated power distribution system will provide protection to up and downstream equipment based on the proper settings and sizing of breakers in the system.  A poorly coordinated system will risk a shutdown of a major circuit based on the downstream event or worse unsafe conditions for people and equipment.  Imagine a major power outage due to a machine-level fault. 


Our services include selective coordination of breakers to verify proper trip settings based on time-current curves.  Your plant has changed over time and a selective coordination study verifies the settings are aligned amongst each level of a distribution circuit. 


Utilizing Time Current Curve analysis, these results are shared and reviewed with your team.  Proper settings are then recommended for coordination.  When combined with an Arc Flash analysis study, selective coordination provides:  

  • Updated electrical single-line diagrams of your facility 
  • Proper breaker setting recommendations for each system analyzed 
  • Arc Flash hazards for each system analyzed 
  • Mitigation recommendation review with a licensed engineer 



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