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Upgrade your Design and Testing Process

Upgrade your Design and Testing Process


Emulate3D develops Award-Winning industrial engineering software to help you sell, explain, understand, improve, and debug material handling systems. Emulate3D Controls Testing helps you develop robust industrial control systems offline, off the project's critical path, saving time and money at commissioning. Sim3D enables you to reduce the risk associated with your automation investments by simulating product flows and demonstrating system response under different operating conditions. Build "first cut" automation models rapidly with Demo3D and ensure everyone is on the same page with a running model as a center of focus. Sell your automation solutions more effectively by demonstrating them in Virtual and Augmented Reality - today!

FactoryTalk Logix Echo 

Design and build faster and more efficiently with FactoryTalk® Logix Echo emulation software for ControlLogix® 5580 controllers. Save time and money through every project stage: initial prototyping and design, testing and evaluation, and production and installation. Take the next step towards comprehensive digital engineering.

Integrated Architecture Builder 

You can use IAB to configure your Logix-based automation systems (which includes the PlantPAx process automation system), select hardware, and generate bills of material. IAB can be used on applications that include controllers, I/O, networks, drives, cabling and wiring, motion control, and other devices. 


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