Safety Tasks, Tags, & Instructions Guardlogix Part 3

In part 3 of the GuardLogix Basic Series, Eric Hanley, an Automation Specialist with ES&E, dives into how Studio 5000 is used for GuardLogix programming with the safety task, safety instructions, and safety tag mapping.

Part 3 of the series goes over a tutorial on how to use Studio 5000 for GuardLogix programming. The video covers safety task safety instructions, safety tag mapping, and integrated safety functions available with SIP safety drives. The GuardLogix controller automatically creates a periodic safety task that houses all necessary routines and configurations for safety. Safety class tags can only be utilized within this task. The safety task takes a snapshot of the safety inputs before scanning the logic. A safety tag map is needed to get data from the standard task into the safety task. The safety task and safety instructions are differentiated by a red icon. Rockwell Automation has preferred safety instructions such as a DCS or dual Channel stop. To learn more, keep watching the rest of the series!