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ES&E Electrical Safety Services

ES&E has expanded our offerings and partnerships to provide more safety services than ever. In addition to machine safety services provided by TUV certified professionals, we now provide a variety of electrical safety and testing services to keep your plant safe and operational.

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Arc Flash Assessment

Keep your facility and your employees safe

An Arc Flash Study can help you identify arc flash hazards and stay up-to-date on industry safety standards. A comprehensive Arc Flash study not only brings your facility into compliance with NFPA70E, but provides valuable and straightforward requirements to keep your employees safe.

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What is Provided?

  • Hazard Analysis in compliance with NFPA70E
  • Mitigation steps and recommendations to reduce hazards
  • Self-service and full-service options to meet your budget and project requirements
  • PPE requirements for each panel
  • PPE vendor options and recommendations
  • Optional selective coordination study
  • Optional employee training
  • Updated electrical single-line diagrams of your facility

Ask Yourself

  • Have there been any plant expansions or reductions since your last Arc Flash Study was performed?
  • Were labels provided and properly installed?
  • Have your employees received proper Arc Flash training?
  • Have you had any unexplained nuisance tripping or breakers not clearing faults?
  • Are your one-line drawings up-to-date?

Protection to People

Safety is the number one objective of any Arc Flash program. Our combined service offerings are able to assist with awareness/training, protective equipment, and hazard mitigation.

Protection of Equipment And Improved Performance

Analysis can assist in locating incorrect and overloaded devices.

Regulatory Compliance

Being compliant not only keeps people/equipment protected but helps avoid citations, fines, and other recourse for regulatory negligence.

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Circuit Breaker Testing

Verify the protection of critical equipment

Circuit breaker testing evaluates the operation of critical breakers in your facility. This service includes inspection, cleaning, testing, and a report detailing the status of each breaker evaluated. Reduce the risk of a major safety event and damage to key equipment with  our breaker testing services as part of a scheduled maintenance plan.

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What is Provided?

  • Our testing partner will perform secondary and /or primary testing of circuit breakers specified within the project.
  • All procedures performed during testing comply with NETA, American Society for Nondestructive Testing, NFPA 70B, NFPA 70E, IEEE, and OSHA Standards.
  • ES&E will prepare a full list of breakers to be tested and will confirm prior to testing.
  • On-site technicians and all test equipment required to test circuit breakers
  • Equipment cleaning
  • All testing and calibration of circuit breakers will comply with manufacturers' specifications.
  • Detailed report on test results.
  • Failed breakers to be reviewed and optionally replaced as required.

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Coordination Study

Don't let minor incidents create major headaches

A properly coordinated power distribution system will provide protection to up and downstream equipment based on the proper settings and sizing of breakers in the system. A poorly coordinated system will risk shutdown of a major circuit based on downstream event, or worse unsafe conditions for people and equipment. This service can help prevent major power outages due to machine level faults.

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Utilizing Time Current Curve analysis, these results are shared and reviewed with your team.  Proper settings are then recommended for coordination.

Our services include selective coordination of breakers to verify proper trip settings based on time current curves.  Your plant has changed over time and a selective coordination study verifies the settings are aligned amongst each level of a distribution circuit.

What is Provided?

  • Updated electrical single-line diagrams of your facility
  • Proper breaker setting recommendations for each system analyzed
  • Arc Flash hazards for each system analyzed
  • Mitigation recommendation review with a licensed engineer

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Infrared Thermography

IR Thermography can identify problems before they cause failures, safety risks or downtime.

ES&E offers an Infrared Thermography Assessment to prevent catastrophic machine failure due to significant temperature increases. Let us help keep your plant running smoothly.

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An Infrared Thermography Assessment is a great way to identify potential issues in the early stages before it can be seen using any other tool. A temperature difference or hotspot can be detected in an electrical circuit and is usually a sign of excess resistance. In a mechanical system such as a motor bearing it could be a sign of excess friction in the motor bearing indicating bearing failure.

IR Thermography Hero

What is Provided?

  • Qualitative Infrared Thermographic inspection of electrical systems such as MCCs, bus work, switchgear, and custom built panels for either power and control.
  • All procedures performed during the Infrared inspection are based on the American Society for Nondestructive Testing, NFPA 70B & 70E, and OSHA.
  • Counts will be determined from site visits.
  • Testing includes all equipment and a certified thermographer. A qualified plant technician is required to open and close electrical equipment during infrared inspection.
  • A complete detailed report of all anomalies discovered.

IR Thermography Comparison

At ES&E we are committed to doing our very best in assuring our customers achieve their production goals with as little downtime and unexpected issues as possible. The Infrared Thermography Assessment can be quoted on an as needed basis or regularly scheduled intervals. Our certified technicians have been trained under an ASNT-certified program.

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Lockout Tagout

Protect your workforce, protect your company

Accurate easy-to-follow lockout/tagout instructions are a key component to any company's comprehensive safety plan. OSHA mandates that employers must establish energy control procedures to protect workers from hazardous energy. It is also the employer's responsibility to train their workers on the procedures in order to create a safe work environment. Take the stress out of compliance and allow us to help you protect your workforce and your company.

Lockout Tagout Hero

We partner with Rockwell Automation in order to provide multiple options in a comprehensive safety plan.  One of these components is a Lockout Tagout program.  Our procedures provide easy to follow instructions and matching device labels to eliminate guesswork for maintenance personnel.  Not sure of the proper locking device? We can provide recommendations. Don't have the procedure documented?  Our resources will review with your team onsite to create a full list of hazardous energy sources and proper shutdown procedure.

Employees must be trained and procedures audited for accuracy. With our turnkey projects, we can provide a full solution including procedure generation, devices recommendations, labeling, training, and auditing tools.

Why Choose ES&E and Rockwell Automation for your lockout/tagout compliance needs?

  • We have decades of experience and a name you can trust. We are here to serve you when you need us.
  • Our programs provide industry-leading value that can be measured to show a return on your investment.
  • Our employees have industry leading expertise, specializing in lockout/tagout program implementation.
  • Our systems work in tandem with our services to provide you a truly comprehensive solution that is compliant and efficient.
  • ScanESC™ software allows you to proactively manage your lockout/tagout program from virtually anywhere.

What is Provided?

  • Procedures
  • Training
  • Program Auditing Tools
  • Policy Creation and Review
  • Device Recommendations

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Personal Protective Equipment

Keep Your Employees Safe AND Comfortable

Modern personal protective equipment (PPE) is evolving. New developments provide the same level of protection with more options and more comfort. Easy to wear PPE increases employee satisfaction and the likelihood of compliance with requirements. ES&E has many options that scale to meet your company size and hazard levels.  We provide standalone PPE as well as PPE recommendations based on your facility when combined with our Arc Flash Analysis.

Not sure what you need?  Want to learn more? Contact us today.

  • Arc Flash Suits & Kits
  • Gloves - including testing/re-certification services
  • Hoods
  • Coats/Jackets
  • Face Shields
  • Bib Overalls
  • Balaclavas
  • Blankets
  • Safety glasses
  • FR rated clothing including shirts, t-shirts, pants, and jackets

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