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Inventory and Storeroom

Does your storeroom match your equipment?

As time passes, changes in production create misalignment between the needs of the onsite equipment and the storeroom.  What if you could ensure your storeroom had exactly what it needed to support your equipment?

Our assessment services provide a detailed review of your storeroom and your facility to highlight any areas of missing inventory or waste.  These services are meant to work in conjunction with your current operation and can be offered as a standalone service or as part of a turnkey storeroom upgrade project.  We will assess each machine onsite or in production and verify your storeroom has critical parts needed.

Primary Benefits

  • Be confident you have the critical spare parts you need
  • Eliminate excess inventory supporting equipment that's no longer in use
  • Understand the total value of automation items in your storeroom and facility
  • Review the lifecycle of items in your storeroom and facility
  • Analyze the layout of your storeroom to support future growth
  • First step in future design or optimization project

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Is your storeroom as efficient as it should be?

Our turnkey project services provide options for a complete storeroom redesign. A storeroom assessment reviews the needs of your storeroom reusing your existing storeroom components or providing a complete redesign. Combined with installation and organization services we will revamp your storeroom to maximize efficiency and room for growth. Our project services leverage experience across multiple customer facilities as well as over 85 years mastering inventory management and layouts.

When should you redesign your storeroom?

  • Plant or production changes have created changes in the parts needed onsite
  • Storeroom has been updated overtime and needs overhaul to increase efficiency
  • New plant equipment or new production requirements
  • Inventory reduction initiative

What does a turnkey storeroom project include?

  • Assessment (See inventory and Lifecycle Assessment)
  • Design - Use our expertise with your input for an improved storeroom layout
  • Hardware - Shelving, lockers, vending based on your equipment needs
  • Installation
  • Planning - We create a plan with your team to ensure goal are met and provide a framework for the future
  • Organization - Complete organization based on framework

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Smarter Inventory Control

Our wide variety of hardware solutions ensures your facility has exactly what it needs for your budget and your equipment.  Smart lockers, shelving, and vending provide automated solutions for inventory control, asset management, and cost tracking.  Eliminate the inefficiency of manual tracking, these secure solutions prevent waste and provide real-time usage information.  RFID technology provides fast tracking of costly items to make sure each and every item is accounted for.

  • Protect and control high-dollar equipment
  • Customer control for customer-owned assets
  • Software to control and understand usage
  • PMA integration
    • Protect from accidental use
    • Ease and speed of auditing
    • Exact date and time for warranty purposes
  • Drawers used for small items

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Simplify your Supply Chain

ES&E's vendor-managed inventory (VMI) solution combines our superior service with the advanced capabilities of the Storeroom Logix platform.  With this solution we can offload the burden of parts management using technology and ES&E's extensive inventory and delivery services.  A full VMI solution includes real-time inventory tracking, automated reordering, cost allocation to work orders, machines, or projects, and ES&E parts delivery and put-away.  Our VMI services ensure you have the parts you need when you need them.

  • Storeroom logix platform
  • Knowledge of on-hand inventory
  • Assign each part a job number upon usage
  • Have easy to use analysis of parts usage and purchasing
  • Easily find parts that are not being used or only used rarely
  • Integrates with hardware
  • Security solutions including cameras, card readers, and personal restrictions to hardware
  • Order parts easily from your computer in the office or from a mobile device

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