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A Fast, Easy, Simple Solution that Delivers 100% Visibility into Industrial Networks in Minutes

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Claroty Edge is a highly flexible, Windows-based edge data collector that delivers 100% visibility into industrial networks in just minutes without requiring network changes, utilizing sensors, or having any physical footprint whatsoever.

This fast and easy solution can be deployed to run on-premises or via SaaS to reveal in-depth details on both managed and unmanaged industrial assets that could otherwise only be discovered — if at all — via methods that may not always be ideal or desirable for all networks and use cases under all circumstances.

100% Visibility Claroty Edge
Provides a complete inventory of your managed and unmanaged OT, IoT, and IT assets and all risks and vulnerabilities affecting them

Zero Changes & No Hardware
Claroty Edge safely leverages your existing Windows systems without requiring you to make any network changes or deploy hardware

Results in Minutes, Not Days
Claroty Edge deploys and delivers full visibility into any industrial network in less than 10 minutes

Highly Flexible
Claroty Edge’s flexible cloud and on premises deployment options make the solution fully suitable for connected, air-gapped, and cloud enabled networks.

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